History of Giving Day


  • 1930’s The Salvation Army visited Ed Bierkness who owned a Chevrolet Dealership in Barrington. Through this relationship, a Salvation Army Unit was established in Barrington. Boxes of food were distributed to families during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • 1957 Through the efforts of Catherine and Corliss Anderson, Church Women United was formed and a community food pantry was established in Barrington. Church Women United combined their efforts with the Salvation Army and distributed boxes of food. This event was later expanded to include warm clothing and toys.
  • 1982 Barrington Churches start Barrington Crop Walk to help fight world hunger. A portion of the money raised was donated to the Church Women United Barrington Food Pantry, which benefited Barrington Giving Day.
  • 2005 Church Women United Board closed their Food Pantry. To ensure that Barrington Giving Day continued, long-time Giving Day volunteers Jeanette Muench and Pat Karon approached Jon Stickney, President of Barrington Bank and Trust, and asked for a volunteer from the Bank to become Treasurer of Barrington Giving Day. John Paul Hills agreed to help.
  • 2006 Barrington Giving Day was incorporated. That same year Barrington Giving Day applied for a Federal 501c3 status. The Internal Revenue Service approved this request in May 2007.


Invitations are sent to families inviting them to attend a Giving Day at Station Middle School. Names of individuals and families, whose children are on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program, are compiled by school district 220, Cuba and Barrington Townships, and BACOA.

Barrington Junior Women’s Club provides toys for the event. Barrington Lions Club provides paper goods. Adco Van and Storage provides boxes for the food. Barrington Middle Schools raise money to help purchase food.

  • 2007 and 2008 Willow Creek Church joined the efforts by donating food. Additional food and hygiene products were purchased in bulk. Each family received the same amount of food and hygiene products. Families also received a ham purchased, at a discount, from Rose Packing. Food boxes were assembled by volunteers at Station Middle School the evening before Giving Day. The Salvation Army provides liability insurance, and supports Giving Day.

The generosity of Barrington residents who have supported, and continue to support this Giving Day is most rewarding. Knowing that Giving Day is helping our neighbors and friends is the best part of Barrington Giving Day.

Generations of families continue this sharing holiday tradition.